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3 Facts You Do Not Know About Your Favourite Josef Seibel Shoes

Have you ever tried Josef Seibel shoes on? This footwear trademark was named the European Comfort Shoe. Find out 3 facts about your favourite shoe making brand from Hauenstein, Germany.

#1 Josef Seibel has been manufacturing footwear since 1886

One of the longest Europe shoe market players, Josef Seibel from Germany is the footwear manufacturer with great history. The company has been owned by the family since establishing. The founder of the shoe making brand Carl-August Seibel named the company after his son. Right now the fourth generation has been owning and managing this successful and well-known family business. The current company owner has got the same name as his great-grandfather wore, Carl-August Seibel. This seems rather symbolic.

The brand is manufactured in Germany, in Romania and in Hungary. Such a diversification helped to save and secure the popular shoes in the European market. These highest quality shoes produced by the real European artisans can be bought in more than 40 countries of the world.

#2 The European Comfort Shoe Stitched by Hand

Convenience and original style make the Josef Seibel shoes number one comfort footwear from Europe. All-season collections and diverse shoe stylesare manufactured from the highest quality leather and other natural materials.

The hallmark of the shoe making brand is hand stitching or strobel, which is present on every pair of shoes by Josef Seibel. It takes approximately half an hour for the shoe maker to stitch a pair of soles to the uppers to finalize a new pair of the Josef Seibel branded shoes. The individual recognizable style and increased wearing time is made by this traditional hand stitching technology.

All the manufacturing facilities of the company are situated in Europe. The authentic artisan shoe making production is combined with automation processes the modern shoe manufacturing industry provides. There are 2 methods used in shoe manufacturing: flexible and AGO.

Flexible technology is the best in making casual shoes and other footwear products. Boots, sandals or walking shoes by Josef Seibel are produced by this method. They are most comfortable to wear for a long time due to the product flexibility and dry affect because the perspiration of the feet caused by walking or running goes off through the holes from stitching. These models for both men and women are very comfortable to wear every day and for long hours. The peculiar feature of these shoes is the visible upper and inner sole edges, which make the footwear look more casual. Simple design, superb comfort and lightness are the Josef Seibel casual footwear characteristics.

AGO technology provides cost-effective shoe making that can fit any type of shoes. Such footwear looks very simple but stylish. There is no exposing stitching as on the shoes manufactured by the flexible construction method.

All the Josef Seibel brand footwear never compromises unique quality shoe materials and real European workmanship - the greatest brand qualities.

# 3 Josef Seibel Group Produces 3 Trademarks of Famous European Shoes

The essential Josef Seibel shoe brand named after the owner of the business is manufactured together with such footwear brands as Romika and Gerry Weber Shoes.

Romika shoes are also German by origin and are well-known by their convenience and long term of service.

Gerry Weber Shoes include 5 globally known fashion brands. In 2012 after the signing of the contract with Josef Seibel company, Gerry Weber Shoes became more comfortable to add this feature to their hottest fashion looks.

In conclusion, Josef Seibel footwear brand is globally known for its highest level of convenience and unique looks that are provided by the recognizable handmade stitching. These shoes and other footwear made for men and women brings ultimate comfort, European quality and style, and, no doubt, the greatest satisfaction to the shoe brand fans.

The Josef Seibel brand as well as other trademarks of the Josef Seibel Group can be easily purchased from both online and brick-and-mortar stores globally, in all the countries where people can value the style and exquisite comfort the footwear brings.

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